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Providing simple email solutions... feels your personal email address should reflect who you are, not your ISP. If you are a Menichetti and wish to have your email address look like this you have come to the right place.
  • No need to change ISP
    your new account will simply forward all email sent to your address to your current email in-box. Your new adress can be ready within 24 hours. Spammers need not apply.
  • No Fees
    My goal is to help Menichetti's around the world show pride in their family name. I am not a large company just a fellow Menichetti, who will gladly accept your donations to keep this project alive.
  • No pop-up ads, No Banners, No Spam, No Junk Mail
    one of the benefits of a new email address is that all the people who send you junk, ads, and spam will not know your new email address. does not sell or distribute, email addresses.The only ones who will have your new address are only those you give it to.
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